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Mar 31, 4 years ago



The current International moth is a result of merging two separate but similar historical developments. The first occurred in Australia in 1928 when Len Morris built a cat rigged (single sail) flat bottomed scow to sail on Andersons’ Inlet at Inverloch, a seaside resort, 130km from Melbourne.

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Mar 31, 4 years ago

Franks Foiler Foiler

By 1970 I had been interested in hydrofoils for some time as a
member of the Amateur Yacht Research Society, and I had made several
successful sailing models. It occurred to me that any high performance
racing dinghy should make a good platform for adding hydrofoils.

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Mar 31, 4 years ago

Brett Foils Foils

I found these photos – they are from 2001 and this is Brett Burvill’s boat,
the first time a modern skiff went ‘two legging it’

The front foil was laminated on – no wand, no flap, no angle of attack control !

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Mar 31, 4 years ago

Len Morris Morris

The following are actual (gif) image copies of an original document typed by Len Morris
around 1963 on International Moth Class History.

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